Established in 2012, we are a company that focuses on holistic property management, investing in high growth technologies and the marketing of investments in Singapore & the Asian region.

Holistic Property Management

To date, we are managing a current portfolio of property developments which includes  handling the full spectrum of attracting tenants, handling rental cashflow, maintenance of the properties to handling tax and legal issues.

Together with our team of specialists and expertise, we are able to provide a holistic and one-stop management service that helps landlords and investors maximise the returns of their properties while ensuring a stable and consistent cashflow.

Technology Investment

With our partners (Techbridge Ventures, DP Controls & Qubit Interactive) we seek out high potential incubation opportunities in the technology field.

We partner with our startups in providing the seed funding, creating a sustainable business model for monetization as well as marketing the solutions to business conventions in the region through our partners and networks.

From providing financial investments to showcasing the solutions to targeted business owners, we work with our investment founders to provide investors with a discipline approach to providing a sustainable and good return on their investment.

Marketing Hub

We also function as a regional marketing hub for our various investments and also seek out opportunities in Singapore and the region that have an established presence and cashflow to market.